Jason Momoa is THE babe.

woof96 asked:
I are stunning



☽☽☽ ☾☾☾


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Anonymous asked:
I know nobody is perfect, but everybody wants to be! And i come here and tell you that just because I love you <3 Maybe i'm an asshole ok lol But I can see that you're not ok with your body because you're reacting on my comments with the pain in your voice. So make it happen, and love yourself, bc you're one of the best creatures in this world. sorry man, dont be mad! (you dont have to post it, just take my advise and care wisely)

if that is how you show “love” you won’t make a good parent or friend, please stop that.

Anonymous asked:
instead of looking down on yourself darling and thinking about your flaws why don't you namne some things you like about yourself? love x

hm.. you’re right. Thank you, I’ll be positive.

Uhm, I like my lips. 
I don’t really get pimples and stuff that’s good.
And sometimes I like my hair :)
And sometimes I can be good at matching clothes..
and I can’t think of anything else but I think that’s fine.

Anonymous asked:
well of course you don't need to loose weight and you're comfortable with yours! that's why you're wearing all those clothes that are much bigger of your own size! ok got it. no, seriously, i'm not an asshole, you're beautiful, and i love your face, and wish you the best. thats why i'm saying that to you :p just another way to become even better than you are

Okay you got me,
Yes I wear oversized clothes because i’m not comfortable with my body,
I would for example like to have a skinnier waist.
But you know what? I can not excersise away this curve-less waist because it’s my ribs that are too big, are you telling me to operate away a few ribs “for my best” and to become “even better than I am”??

and OH you shut up with “i’m not an asshole”
you mister(or miss) sure is the biggest asshole I’ve heard from in a good while, maing me feel like shit even when I tried to stand up for myself.

Why would you go on my blog to tell me that I’m not as good as I could be?
No one is perfect, and with all my flaws I sure AM NOT.
and I feel bad for you being raised with such a view on other humans, you really need to work on that and I’ll go out running tonight okay? thank you.



fuck walking.

Raccoon cosplaying as Sonic the Hedgehog

i&#8217;m crying forreal it&#8217;s hesitating for a while then like AWWYEA A FEW MORE


Sammy Slabbinck