modeling for tarnished souls clothing!Hope you have a great friday the 13th now guys! <3

Suup guys how you doin’ on this fine friday? <3

2 of the majority of “behind the scenes” photos that were supposed to be serious but shooting with my brother was not a good idea, all we did was goof around.

Sebastian & Alexandra siblings for Captive apparelHehe Me and my younger brother had a photoshoot, he couldn’t stop making weird faces but a few pics made it out okay!

Anywaaaays long time no selfie~So here’s an awkward one.

being grumpy

I don’t like this selfie BUTi’m just happy the sun is out

Long time ago I took a good selfie or something like thatToday I was at a retro video game convention woop.

Yo!My heart is breaking over people that doesn’t even exsist.Why anime boys? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!??~#instagrampic’m loving their designs AND they’re on sale now HURRY GUYS!


Anonymous asked:
Wait what's up, why are you in pain?

Ah okay I’ve written about this before and I don’t want to seem like a whiner .. so I’ll try to make it short.

I am a regular customer at the hospital, I go about every month to a physiotherapist that break everything into the right place.
Because I suffer from a type of Ehler-danlos syndrome that fucks up my hips, for example my sacrum, pelvic and more are way out of place.
And that makes me suffer from chronic pain in my hip area ( sometimes REALLY bad)..

Soo I go to the hospital once in a while to for help with getting everything back in place (for a day or so).. and I do exercises daily to maintain my hipbone and other stuff to keep in place so I won’t have to deal with the worst pain.
But if i get the sligthest bang, or the biggest problem put to much weight on one side ( like sit with my legs crossed or ride my longboard ) it will fall completely out of place…
The other week me and my friends went sled riding in teh middle of the night and it was crazy, I got a huge bang on my hip and when I was at the hospital for my usual checkup I was told that everything that could be out of order was. and that my hip bone had a 7cm difference from the both sides.

This makes me so sad, I’ve been told not to do reckless stuff and that I won’t be able to ride my longboard anymore, those news made me cry so much. How boring will my life be from now on if I don’t want to be in pain?
What kind of teenager will I be?… I love to do impulsive and crazy stuff, but now I’ll have to live like a frail 17 year “old woman”.



Hehhe someone made me these gifs, Thank yooouu <3

goodnight, wet dreams everybody~